I have used 4 different ref pics (included as a WIP) The bottom two are Google refs and the top two are my own holiday photos. I used 4 different things out of each of the photos creating my own 4 in 1
Dli theme 'Furthest I've been #week140showcase #teamdlithemes
The Furthest I've been from my home country of the UK is Zakynthos in Greece.
I once holidayed here at the age of 11 with my mum, and, again at the age of 25 in Oct 2006 with my own family.
Pictured here is my eldest daughter Megan at aged 6
We went on our first Cruise ship to the 'Shipwreck' Navagio Beach, it was fantastic and so beautiful.

>>>>>>>> I've chosen to use this drawing as my 'Positive life impact'
I was a very young mum at 19 years old, the pregnancy wasn't planned, I had to grow up quite quickly but was always an 'older in the head' child anyway. Having 'Megan' at 19 is the best damn mistake Ive ever ever made. I may have had her young but it just means that I get longer to hold her, be with her and to see her grow. Megan is nearly 16 years old now and I'm so so proud of her, she has become the most amazing, friendly, kind, caring, fun and clever young woman, and I love her with all my heart.
My positive impact is my children, they keep me young and most of all they are who I strive for the best for x (Megan & Skye <3)

Thank you for your l<3ve Tiina D
👼🏻ngel NZ

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