Compo invite: Draw your own Transformer, using a common everyday item. No motorized vehicles allowed, if you can drive it or ride it, you can't use it.

Post your references as a W.I.P.
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Two entries per user, one Autobot and one Decepiticon.
Have fun. Use your imagination. Try not to make a Transformer that has already been seen.

Thank you to inkyMel for the name. I was going to use Power-Line, but I liked hers more.
Thank you to everyone who joined my stream and helped me out with encouragement.

Thanks for the ❤️s brwebb21 , Gaile Hughes🇦🇺 , Tempus
Orville , Quelonzia , P&AToo™ , Ting
SimplySergMX , Paco , MaggyC , Mengu Gungor
Panwad Tongbaiyai , Ruscifi , mishpot , Kelly M , Koban

Thank you Dark Diversity for the unexpected ⭐️. I'm honered and surprised.

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