THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THIS UNEXPECTED 12th PLACE WIN!!!! I APPRECIATE THE VOTES AND SUPPORT!!! All entries were amazing and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!!!!

My reference was my sketch I'd already posted entitled "Crystal Beach". This is an actual place I visit often on the Texas Coastline

Thank you Pamela & Alexis Too for your ❤️!
Thank you, Sam for the ❤️!
Thank you Coco for your ❤️!!
Thanks Sparkle Girl for the ❤️!
Thank you Paco for the ❤️ !
Thank you sweet Reggie for the ❤️!!!!
Thank you so very much Mark!!!!! You are the best!!!! I SO appreciate your ❤️❤️❤️!
Thank you so much Twinee1 for your wonderful ❤️!!!
Thank you Angel! You ARE an angel to give me ❤️!!!
Thank you Kay K for your generous heart!!!!❤️❤️
Thank you Manpies hot the kind ❤️ !
Thank you, Char for the sweet ❤️ !!

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