Wow!! I'm so excited to have this sketch featured!! And especially coming from one of my absolute favorite artists, Shirlart ! Thanks so very much sweet Shirlart!! Love you!

Please Zoom! I worked extra hard on the details in this one, I hope you zoom. Reference artist I changed it up quite a bit.
For the Italy Landscape challenge. I dedicate this sketch to Tily, who taught me the importance of detail. Thank you Tily for all of the advise you've given me.
Wow! Thanks so much for the very fast hearts!
Twinee1, Tim S., Linda S! P&AToo™. Thank you also to. Arnie2two😊, BillyElla, MaggyC, Quelonzia, Coco, Shirlart! FriedNoodle Axe🐸 Koui, Joy, Ihmyours, Sheridan Cain, Char, Koban, Reggie, Buttercup, Paco Gr82no, Tily, Ruscifi Kelly M, 🌺Tori Gaile Hughes🇦🇺 👼🏻ngel NZ

for the sweet gifts of their hearts! ♥️ Thanks so much for the sweet comments from everyone. You're all so kind! 😘

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