Thank you everyone for all you do to support me and my art. When I started SketchClub I knew no one and my art was almost never looked at. Now I have 100+ supportive fans and I'm so glad I have them. I got my first feature recently and I hope to become more involved I the community.

5 hours, 4-5 days (lost count), 100+ fans, 32(ish) characters, 1 picture

Now for this picture I picked my most supportive fans and the fans I think are still active. I wanted to add so many more people to this but alas I ran out of room. There is
The three furies. Joey the rad wolf. Frowny StarLynx. Beatbox, Cleave, and Stripe. Aster, Oxy Moron, BlueDragon, and Emily. Thera, Paris, Chronicles, and Apocalypse. Fazbear, Mark, Gr82no, and Tim. Plus sooo many more.

I also have a shoutout in order. As I said above I had no SC friends when I first started now I have too many to count . But my best friends here are Oxy Moron, BlueDragon, beatbox , Sushiness, and Aster. They are always ready to help and are so supportive of my art. I always know I can talk them. I like to call us the seis sketchers .

I know this is kind of a juvenile sketch, but that's how I wanted it to look. I wanted it to look fun and capture each artists attitude. Sorry if I messed up any sketchers OC. And I didn't use an OC for everyone, for some I just made a creature that matched their personality and style.

Thx everyone for bringing me this far, I hope to go further .

OMG!!! Thank you so much for the feature Young Artist's Group!!! I was about to go to bed then saw this feature, it's a great way to end the day

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