My nana Winifred (nana Win) was 17 when this photo (WIP) was taken. In 1944 my grandad was in the merchant navy and bought my nana the necklace from Rio de Janeiro. He wanted a photo of her wearing the necklace for him to keep inside his wallet. He also had his photo taken for my nana to keep in her purse.

Drawn for old photograph challenge
This was a really really tough drawing to do. Not only because I am not at all a portrait drawer but because, it's my nana, I wanted so badly to do this just right. However I feel that the more I do, the less and less it looks like her, so I have to leave it alone.
My nana was a beautiful lady, inside and out. When she passed away I was deeply deeply saddened. I grew up with my nana being in my life on a daily basis whilst my mum worked to raise me and my older brother alone. She was my best friend and I miss her so so much it hurts. Rest in peace nana ~ I <3 U ~

Awww I'm touched, thank you so much for your l<3ve
Marisa F
Cin Scott

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