Albums, with the brand new page design you can make albums for your sketches
Here is how you do it

animated gifs, how to make them, tutorial by ❉Šhëłłÿ❉

basics of sketch club about 15 minutes video

bristle brush settings, you find some info in this old topic

brush settings , very basic

brush or stamp, how to make one, a tutorial By Pamela and Alexis too.

clouds, a great tutorial by Robert Rendón

copy paste with select tutorial by Mark

drawing on nstructions on lots of animals and other stuff


export to psd

Fur, how to draw fur, great tutorial by Mark

glass apple tutorial

Gold great tutorial

graph paper, very easy way to make it

grass, great tips

layers, how to find and use them

on, how to use it to do a quilt or just any combination of sketches.

lighting tutorial basic back light lighting
lighting an apple

load multiple images

loading a grid

metal tutorial

rainbow colored lighting. Tutorial by Bluedragon

select tool excellent tutorial by Mark

sketchy tool tutorial in the wips

smudge, some tips

Texture and embossing tutorials
texture 1: how to add a community texture to your sketch
texture 2: how to make your own texture
texture 3: how to add a texture to just a part of your sketch
texture 4: a great easy tutorial on embossing by Theo Ybema
texture 5: Theo Ybema's describes his technique for embossing and highlighting, this describes a way to make your whole sketch embossed, so in stead of a seperate texture, this texture follows what you have sketched and then he describes how to make highlights.
a description
Rusty metal texture
Mark did an excellent tutorial on how he makes this, he uses the filter mode sharpen for his textures.
R. Decline knows a way to texture specific parts of your sketch that doesn't require lots of layers :

transform, basics

waterdroplet a link to a short video on how to do a waterdroplet
wifi share tutorial, made by Mark, very handy if you are changing devices!

watermark, how to make one
Mark explained in a forum how to do this, I copied the info, he explaines it so very well, you find it here

wifi share

wip, how to add a wip to your sketch
how to make a book with wips

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