drawn for the Futuristic City challenge in the ArchID group

Original work. Please zoomy.☺️ Wips attached

Wanted to challenge myself with an attempt at a 3D drawing on multiple pieces of paper. Probably wasn't the greatest idea, I found it incredibly difficult with perspective and lighting lol, but I am happy I finally finished it. No refs were used, I just threw shapes together for the most part. Wanted to detail the buildings more, but I just about ran out of time...Constructive critism most welcome 😊

🌟 Thankyou so much Angie for the feature. I am so incredibly honoured and most humbled☺️ 🌟

Thankyou so much everyone for the love and uplifting comments, I appreciate the support xx

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Created with an iPad Mini
Uploaded 2015-08-16 12:28:50.401570
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