The journey has been long, it was a tough decision to even set off. My favourite drawing app at the start of this journey was Drawsomething2/Art with friends, but in April '15 the app closed and I had to move home, along with many others.
I originally purchased Sketch club when I experienced/suffered crash after crash on Ds2 back in Oct '12 but I just didn't know where to start and was overwhelmed by all the different functions and features.
So, once I had no choice, I buckled my belt and came back to draw.
I'm so pleased to have found more and more people that came on the same journey, it just makes it so much more homely to have friends around. And I've also made new friends, I love it here...
And I haven't looked in my rear view mirror once
Weather outlook 100% Sunshine
Thank you blackpawn <3 your app is the dogs nuts

It's all you guys, the community here that makes it so special ❤️
Thank you my sweet Co driver flipflop1117 <3
Thank you for your <3 's you are all so kind, my sketch club family
👼🏻ngel NZ

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