this is for the Sc pride comp, yeah, as you also may have noticed there is no plane in this drawing, yes I removed it, why? It was taking too long it'll be a seperate drawing now, it was replaced by a 'teaser' for 'The Last Star: Blue Embers' (the third chapter in the last star series)

So what is my sc pride story?

Don't really know tbh
All I can say is I've made many friends by joining SC and have improved my art, SC has saved me from depression in the past, and i don't know how life would be without it


AND IT WAS WORTH IT.... I THINK *looks at the depressed looking unicorn)

Ok ok ok,
Lemme explain some things in the pic,

I'll go left to right

First row:
The first image has been described above ^^^
The second image references my first ever digital art style
The third one references a random plant I drew before entirely in sketchy
The fourth one is sushi because I was stuck for ideas, saw sushiness in my stream, and said ILL DRAW SUSHI BECAUSE SUSHINESS IS HERE
the fifth is a random fish

Second row:
First image I Was stuck for ideas then spych said DRAW A WOLF SHOUTING JAEGER (or something along those lines) and I did that
The second image is a random pikachu..... Because I was stuck for ideas

Third row:
The first image is an inside joke
The second one is a random tree on a hill
The third one is diamond the glaceon because she was first to guess the mystery night fury next to moonlight.
The fourth one is a random unicorn because some people like unicorns and never see them from me because I don't really like them
And the fifth is a random night sky because I was stuck for ideas


And now

The furies from left to right,
Moonlight, my main OC
Samael, banana's night fury OC, she's the person I talk to most IRL (or had.... Because she moved school)
Easter, rain's main OC because she's the person I talk to most on the Internet

ok I'm done typing

I would love it if you left a comment too rather than only a rating, thanks!

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