Beauty is in the orange eye of the beholder. Random chick drawn for eye challenge.

Zero undo's using bristle brush only.

Awwwww thank you Pia L for my feature. You can do it 😉 ps: the stylus does sometimes have a mind of its own, so word of advice, always work on a clean layer before merging 😊😻😻😻

To Daniela Uhlig. Your post was on Tumblr marked 'artist unknown' (apparently). I myself, got the image from a fellow artist friend on IG who posted it, also marked 'artist unknown'. Please accept my sincere apologies for not crediting you earlier of my very own rendition of your beautiful drawing. Will this upset the whole of the art world? Will art police come and take me away? What is to become of me? 🙀 shock horror.

Thank you for my Orange ❤️,s🍊🍊🍊
Tracy 💟
Coltron 💟
Gaile Hughes🇦🇺 💟
Straylight 💟
MaryK 💟
Ihmyours 💟
P&AToo™ 💟
Peacegirl 💟
MissKittyCity 💟
SigmaDosDeltaFi 💟
Orville 💟
Cat 💟
Paco 💟
👼🏻ngel NZ 💟
Pedro eL Desconocido 💟

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35,919 glops
Created with an iPad
Uploaded 2015-08-25 01:50:24.355880
Featured by Pia L
Tagged portrait, ipad
Challenge: Eye Art

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