I AM SSSSOOOOO PROUD OF THIS OMG. I have no idea why! Hope you guys like it!

This is my Ivlu Eternal sunset. Hears some info on her ^_^ (zoom is your friend!)

name: Eternal sun
gender: female
age: adult
Items: head harnes with horn, golden ball necklace connected with gold chain with gold beads, and triangle with small sun inside connected with gold chain with gold beads

Personality: vain, caring, Persuasive, can be a little intimidating from afar, loves to help out people in need, likes traveling.

backstory: when she was young she traveled with her parents. When she came of age she went on her way. She looked for anyone or anything she could help out. Wile traveling she developed a love for the sun. It matched her markings and so she found items that resembled the sun and on her way she went.

If you have any questions please ask!

Ivlu are a closed species made by http://quammar.deviantart.com/=20
desighn was made by http://quammar.deviantart.com/

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