Thank you so much Buttercup for featuring this.
This is a copy and I feel bad about not remembering or being able to find the original.
Found it here is a link
Please tell me if you know. There is a screenshot of the original in the wips.
A reminder for anyone in the A home group, you can never feature any of my sketches!
Thank you all for so many lovely comments and special thanks to Buttercup!
Wow, I won a star, thank you for voting for my sketch ☺️

A bit damaged perhaps but still sailing.
If you want to see how this was made check this months challenge in the A home group, the road to the sketch.
Saving and uploading all thes wips helped me. I realised I lost a lot of the power this originally had.
Thought it might the the lack of contrast, so I erased part of the yellow layer and copied down the bottom layer a couple of times to enhance the darker parts, spashed on some yellow and orange and made the boat darker in the middle under part and just a bit lighter towards the back.
The longer I look at it, the more I see wrong with it,
mmm, there might still be another one..
For now life is waiting.

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