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So happy! Voted 1st place in the co-op corner group!
Thank you co-op corner!

⚡️Nominated for Most Emotional Sketch in SketchClub 2015 awards. Did not make the top 10, but so grateful for the nominations! 🙏🏻

Thank you for your gift of a ❤️

Gr82no ❤️
Michelle D ❤️
Krises Vans ❤️
Lola ❤️

Sheridan C ❤️
Twinee1 ❤️
Fire Dove ❤️
Tuneboo ❤️
Ihmyours ❤️

Lucille M ❤️
Charmayos ❤️
MysteryLdyX ❤️
Joy ❤️
Grace ❤️

Gaile Hughes ❤️
yevonne ❤️
Reggie ❤️
Kelly M ❤️
Koban ❤️

Pantalla 64 ❤️
Late Bloomer ❤️
Janek Leonczyk

THANK YOU so much A HOME GROUP for featuring my sketch! I am honored & overwhelmed! I knew this sketch evoked emotion, but never dreamed it would be featured! ⭐️ I am so happy! If there is an artist looking for a small special group, this is it! Come join us!

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Created with an iPad
Uploaded 2015-10-28 02:13:38.168450
Featured by A home group
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