( sounds like Mat-la- Shay) my own photos used as loose references. Please view on full screen and horizontally for best view of details.

Matlacha is a funky little fishing village on Pine Island in Florida. It's covered with brightly colored little art shops, restaurants, gift shops, and fresh seafood shops. Most of the little cottages are traditional Florida style cottages ( cracker boxes). My husband asked me to sketch this a while ago. We love to go there, and have some local seafood ( right off of the boats) and a beer.
PS- the buildings are not in this particular order.

Wow! Thanks so much for the fast feature, Char ! I'm so excited this was featured! I have spent more time on this any sketch so far. I'm so appreciative and humbled!! ⭐️
Thanks so much for all of th sweet comments, and a very special thanks to MaggyC, Hawaiian Misty (Pam, Char, Arnie2two😊, Corky3240, Pinkhorselove, Tily, LindaAD, Zani, Shirlart, lalaurakla, Bron ✨, Joy, Manpies, LOLA 🌬, Orville, Buttercup, Ihmyours Twinee1, Quelonzia Quogue49🌌, Reggie, Paco, Linda S, mishpot FriedNoodle, Peppson, OregonHere, and grommen56! 😘♥️

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