This took a while over a few months. It has been a lot of playing around trying different tools etc. it's been sitting around as a snow scene for several weeks. So now is the time to post for compo.
Just for the experience!

Oh my goodness! A feature. What a beautiful surprise! Thank you so very much
Perfectlytracy . I am flattered.

Thank you also to
David Burles for your kind encouraging words and the generous heart. Greatly appreciated.
Thank you also Perfectlytracy for your kind words, feature and heart. Greatly appreciated.

Another thankyou to ~KiraKiraPaku~ for your generous heart. Greatly appreciated!

More thankyous...
Thankyou so much Fire Dove, Hawaiian Misty (Pam, Buttercup, Gaile Hughes🇦🇺, Twinee1, Ihmyours, Colleen, Paco, P&AToo™ and M's Butterflies for your nice words and precious hearts. I am still amazed by this being featured and the number of hearts. You are all such beautiful souls!
Thank you grommen56 and SandxStorm7 so much for your beautiful hearts. I'm really appreciative of your kindness! ❤️💐💝💕❤️

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