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Fay is the three-year old daughter of my niece Vera.
She is always cheerful and never afraid to try something new!!!

Wow a feature for Fay 🌟I thank you dear ʟʊʗkʏ ʟıs∆💀 for this wonderful star also many thanks from the proud mother Vera 💞

So much lovely comments thank you my friends I am very grateful 💝
Also for the wonderful hearts from,
Ihmyours ❤️
Orville ❤️
MaggyC ❤️
Marisa F ❤️
NJ ❤️
Dr.Cupcake💕 ❤️
Joy ❤️
Betty England ❤️
Dave H🍁 ❤️
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Sarah T 🌸 ❤️
Krisse vans ❤️
P&AToo™ ❤️
Kelly M ❤️
Gaile Hughes🇦🇺 ❤️
Sheridan Cain ❤️
Cat ❤️
Twinee1 ❤️
Paco ❤️
Linda S ❤️

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