Be like a chameleon – keep one eye on the past and the other on the future.

Because of school and work I had a big lack of time to spend on Sketch Club. That’s why I’ve been away for a while unfortunately. Now and then I had a little time that I used to make this sketch. Started it almost a year ago and I’m finally satisfied with the result. Alex Broeckel is a German based artist and made this design. You can visit his website at: I really liked the idea of the Chameleon changing its color because of drinking the coke

I made a video of the progress and edit the video on the music. Unfortunately Youtube didn’t allow me to use the original music, so I had to pick one of their own songs. Hope you like the video!

This sketch was a long journey. I wanted to put a lot of detail in the sketch and that’s why I decided to sketch all the separate cells of the skin. Took me a lot of time but I’m happy with the result. Hope you’ll like it as well! Can’t wait to spend more time at SC

Wow! Thank you sooo much for the lovely comments and the wonderful hearts! You're support is incredible I really really appreciate it Special thanks to: GrackleDragon Sherrinford Holmes Marisa F Michelle D Loone P&AToo™ Krisse vans Dave H🍁 MaggyC brwebb21 Screaming Mimi SimplySergMX Tim S. 🌜MoonDoc Joy Shirlart Madd 🌺Tori Gr82no Twinee1 Coco Sheridan Cain Reggie Poppie Angie Arnie2two😊 Lena Joey BrianD FleurPanda Blishwick Linda Jones Lamijavin Girlraffe Gail⚡️su. Dr.Cupcake💕 anita DavJam67 wind dancer Char woofdoc31 Ihmyours =DJ= StingRey Fire Dove Bitty Thing Jennifer💞 Dinie Bosveld- 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 Buttercup Kim Laserkees Pinaa MoniLJS Encarnet 1politicaljunkie Zani Violet Adams Duke Pinkhorselove Paco Kelly M LED King Raymondo PHumada Art Marrow Snow Prince Emely 🌜Jlessie🌛 LOLA 🌬 Dawn Tabitha Raincloud Panwad Tongbaiyai Cat CarlosSan Hawaiian Misty (Pam Shgr12 (Shaneen) ShoSho612 Ruscifi BeatBoxGirrafe808 SKYW4KR Fuzzy Belly

Very very special thanks for Sherrinford Holmes for featuring my sketch! Thank you very much!! <3

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