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Ref: various Google pictures of the road runner and scorpions, rattlesnakes etc.
The Roadrunner is a legendary bird in the Southwest and Mexico. It's unusual X shaped tracks are used as symbols to ward off evil amongst the Hopi and Pueblo Indians. It's feathers are hung on cradle boards for protection. It is seen as very intelligent because of the crest on it's head. It is thought to be brave because it kills and eats rattlesnakes. It also eats lizards, scorpions , butterflies, mice, dragonflies and other insects.
According to Shamanism, the Roadrunner's wisdom lies in the birds agility, proper use of speed and understanding of rapid change. To those with the roadrunner in their totem, the bird is thought to give speed of thought and the ability to grasp new opportunities.

"It is a beautiful, original design . The colors are beautiful. The description of what the bird represents in culture and the way the meaning of the bird is woven into the sketch is beautiful. A very beautiful and interesting sketch that makes you see the Roadrunner in a new way" - Zomaar

Thank you so much Zomaar for featuring my sketch and for your kind comments !

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