Dose anyone else pay school of dragons? If so, I would love to friend you! If you want to find me, my name is Lilly pad pond (I'm pritty sure that's it. I will check it tomarrow to make sure if you surch for me and don't find anything.) I have a deadly nadder and another dragon (I have to check the type, it's a new one)

If you don't have an account for SoD, you can make one for free! You can download the app on mobile (I segest playing on computer or laptop because mobile crashes allot, at least for me.) or you can play it in browser on your computer or laptop (just surch up school of dragons and follow the prompts) and you can get an account! If you have any questions, please ask ^_^

(The game is all about how to train your dragon so I think people on hear would love the game if they haven't played it already :D)

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