Totally against Galaxy's overly protective brother's (Inferno) will, Galaxy escapes with Goldspill. This is a very horrible act against the code of laws (a code that contains all of the laws for a cat to follow). Galaxy knows her brother will become furious at her if he finds out, so she runs away to the unknown lands. Goldspill loves Galaxy very much so he escapes with her. They run away partly because of freedom and partly for love. After that, Goldspill and Galaxy have a kitten named Perl. Perl is a very diffrent cat. She is blind and she is the very rare breed of ocean cat. Only 1 remained until they find out that their only kitten was an ocean cat. Perl grows up very confused. She was born against the code of laws plus she was a very rare breed. She must face her blindness and her persicution as she tries to face the cats her parents feared. She has to carry the burden her parents were to afraid to carry themselves. Galaxy and Goldspill hide out in the unknown lands not knowing the troubles they have caused...

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