I've been working on this for awhile!! Hope you enjoy discovering objects!! Let's start with a few!! Can you find the spider, the green gem, scissors, and the letter "w"?

Thanks for the awesome heart zeks!!! ❤️
Thank you sweet arnie for the heart!!❤️
Thank you so much Marisa F!!❤️
Koban!! Thank you so much!!❤️
Pam and Alexis!! I'm honored♥️!!
Ruscifi! Thanks for the precious heart!!! ❤️
Wonderful to get a heart from ya Andyy❤️!
And sweet Manpies! Thank you so much❤️!
A heart from dr. G!! Tytyty❤️
Ahhh!! Sweet Mimi! The one who brought me to sc!! Thx for the heart!! ❤️
A big surprise of a heart from Stayze!! Thank you!❤️
From the lovely and talented screaming mimi❤️!
Thanks to the epic stingrey for the❤️!
A great big thanks to Sheridan Cain and alf!! That heart gift got me off of the 13 I thought I was stuck with!!❤️
Thanks to the fab twinee for the heart!!❤️
A huge hug and thanks to the epic paco for the heart!!❤️
Thanks to my new fan cloudyday!! ❤️!
thanks to Bitty for the sweet heart!!❤️
thank you so much DullPickles
for the heart!❤️

Big shoutout to Pam and Alexis for submitting this feature!!!

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