I've done a lot of sketches at the coffee shop this year. These are just a few. Putting them together was a lot harder than I thought it would be! The view out the window is actually one of my sketches done last year in Hawaii. I can dream the coffee shop is on Maui, can't I?

Although the sketch stats describe it as done on an iPad Air 2, this, by the way, is my first sketch on the iPad Pro my husband gave me for Christmas. I'll be taking it in to the Apple Store Tuesday to repair the screen. Yes, folks, I dropped it. 😱 The screen cracked. 😬 Hairline, so still usable. I cried. 😩 My husband, who has mellowed greatly after 37 years of marriage consoled me. ❤️

Wow! I am honored that used his precious to feature this sketch!

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