for the Challenge in the Photorealism Group
Good luck to all !
if you are interested in seeing the process of creation:
An honor that MaggyC use his star in this drawing 🌟,you are very friendly and do a great job in this community BRAVO
Thank you so much
for selecting me as the winner of this challenge,thank you leaders and Judges
Thank you so much :
MaggyC Sheridan Cain Tily Arnie2two😊 Marisa F Michelle D Gr82no LindaAD Krisse vans 👼🏻ngel NZ Quelonzia Zani anita Hilly SW Mongo wind dancer Paintbabe 👩🏻‍🎨 Linda S Dinie Bosveld- CyborgCactus Tuneboo David B (drawstrawz) AndyGriffith Char Altaem PHumada Shirlart Devildogtenn MysteryLdyX Fran500 Jennifer💞 🌹Lucille M. ✨💞 Lαnα Fire Dove Eileen Robson Tabitha Raincloud Colleen Marcia Wegmann Manpies Lizics Andyyy Bailey336 Reggie Orville ilze Kay K Sherrinford Holmes Joy Dr.Cupcake💕 Tam LaSweetVie Melissa Carden Melanie50036 Lamijavin Gandalf Lumpybits ShellyBelly Fazamatazz Ruscifi DesertRose Tiina D ✨ʂɛɲʈɨɲɛl✨ Mark swissbird Krisjensen NJ OregonHere Kelly M Ihmyours Not-An-American-Kid yevonne Njwags Tim S. Sarah T 🌸 Maxxam 🌺Tori LOLA 🌬 Dr. G Charmayos BrianD 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 Screaming Mimi Twinee1 Jules Cat Sheila Julie pmaxx69 Hawaiian Misty (Pam Irish Patsy StingRey
Art Marrow 🐴Mrscowgirl🍀 ChrisTL Whispering Dove M's Butterflies Cee😻 Noel Sebastian S erin P&AToo™ Betty England ★IcicleTricycle★ Lori-Lynn Stephens-C Doobles💀 Obilio Late Bloomer M2 ML Cloudyday Sakkidra DAmiANO Ele Persen D. Fox Shgr12 (Shaneen) Irene grommen56

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Created with an iPad Mini
Uploaded 2016-01-07 21:15:08.280940
Featured by MaggyC
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