For the photorealism group challenge..

Special thanks to Glenn quatre s.. Mscowgirl , fluer and tvyeah for the advice on how to create the shadow with only one layer. We all learned something!!

Thanks to the awesome talented screaming Mimi for the heart!!!❤️
Thanks to the epic stingrey for the heart❤️!!
Sweet quelonzia!! Thank you!❤️
The awesome twinee gave a heart too!!❤️
Thank you so much sweet and special arnie for the heart❤️!!!
The epic paco!! ❤️ Thank you!!

Sweet P&A!! thank you so much!!❤️

Thanks to the very talented Linda Sfor the heart!!!❤️

A huge gracious thank you to screaming Mimi for the feature!! I'm so humbled and honored by this generous gesture!!

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