The top left (green) shows the color scheme. The area colored the darkest green must always be the darkest base color of the Alikïne. The same goes for the rest of the colors.

Patterns: The darkest base coats pattern must ALWAYS be darker than itself. The next darkest must ALWAYS be lights, and so on. The only base color that needs a darker pattern is the darkest base color.

Fins: (not shown) Fins can range from any size, shape or color. Rule: It must be either lightest or second lightest base coat color. NO DARKEST BASE COAT FOR FINS. Fins can have patterns, but not complicated ones.

Tails: Usually Alikïne tails are short, but rarely, they can grow out longer. If they are longer, they can have small fins on either side. LEAVE THE POINT OF THE TAIL EXPOSED.

Info: Alikïnes are sea/land mamals. Able to go under and above water (having a preference for land), Alikïnes have a unique ability to breath underwater. No visible gills are exposed, but Alikïnes can breath underwater. (Hi, say cool in chat for a custom after requesting one).

Diet: Alikïnes will ONLY eat sea food, or plants on land. NO LAND MEAT.

Hunting: Though looking harmless, Alikïnes can grow sharp fin/claws from the sides of their front feet. They ONLY grow on the sides, and come out ONLY when the Alikïne has the intention of harming something.

Kits: Alikïne kits start off about the size of a koi fish. These kits can ONLY live on land, and learn to use their gills later. An adult Alikïne can range in height, the tallest being that of a large horse. Alikïnes that grow to be only 3 feet tall are considered rare, and are frowned upon by most other Alikïnes.

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