We lost our 12 1/2 year old Bengal cat, Tien - which means Heaven in Chinese, to what we believe was FIP.
He had the most amazing eyes. Iris filaments had formed a pattern that looked like broken glass over his pupils, if you look close, you can see them.
We love and will miss him very, very much. I just wanted to share how beautiful he was -and will always be - in our hearts.

Please save your hearts - this is a reworked tribute photo.

I have to thank you guys for ignoring me... ^ ..... I do so appreciate your outpouring of love, every word, note, action and heart. I just wanted you to see how beautiful and unique he was - and who better to show than a community of friends who enjoy beauty more than most other people do - artists?
Thank you so very, very much Hawaiian Misty (Pam for using a hard earned star to put our little love and beauty on the front page of SC so more people could appreciate him. Words fail at your gesture of love and support! Thank you, my friend! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Thank you all my friends!

I'd also like to tell you all that one of the sweetest, kindest and most talented artists that I have the privilege of calling my friend - DrawLoud2 has made a new signature for me in memory of Tien. I wanted to show you here, but its a brush. This seemed the right place to announce his heartfelt gesture and thank him publicly too.

Thank you Sheila and Screaming Mimi , Sherrinford Holmes , P&AToo™ , Hawaiian Misty (Pam , Marisa F , OregonHere , Gr82no and Fire Dove !
Thank you Lαnα, 🌹Lucille M. ✨💞 , Paco , Joy , Lynx4Lyfe , wind dancer , Linda S , Ihmyours !!
Thank you Michelle D , Arnie2two😊 , StingRey , Sheridan Cain , Cat , Twinee1 , Late Bloomer , Reggie , Bitty Thing thank you! rotting winston and Scott for your hearts ! And a thank you sweet - 👼🏻ngel NZ for your heart and your precious time right now
Thanks so much Shirlart and Irish Patsy for your hearts! <3
ALL of you - I know it is your show of kindness and support and, well, heart! But really, also - your comments - words of empathy, love and just appreciation for his beauty - are more appreciated than I can say. Thank you guys...thank you.

Such incredibly special people - all of you - who took the time to look and say something kind, thank you so very, very much.

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