A revision of my "Winter's Coming". Much more upbeat colors and realistic landscape. So many hours, but so much fun to do.
Thank you Marcia Wegmann for featuring my sketch. You helped validate those 44 hours.
Thanks to all for your lovely comments and also thanks to the following heart givers: Manpies, Sheridan Cain, Shirlart, Lana, Orville, Hawaiian Misty (Pam, Koban, Gr82na, MaggyC, Bailey 336, PACO,Charmayos, Twinee1, Newt, Lizics, Joanne W., Gaile Hughes, Joy, and Irish Patsy.
It was a very uplifting day.

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Uploaded 2016-01-31 20:10:59.729840
Featured by Marcia Wegmann

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