The last time I saw Paris
Her heart was warm and gay
I heard the laughter of her heart
In every street cafe
The last time I saw Paris
Her trees were dressed for spring
And lovers walked beneath those trees
And birds found songs to sing
I dodged the same old taxicabs
That I had dodged for years
The chorus of the squeaky horns
Was music to my ears
Oh, the last time I saw Paris
Her heart was warm and gay
No matter how they changed her
I'll remember her that way
by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II

About twice a year (and every month in between), I get a yen to travel to Paris and see more of this beautiful city. I've done the tourist trip and the visit-a-friend trip, but I'd like to go back to savor it. It has so many mysteries in the midst of its landmarks. One of my favorite things is peeking at what is hidden and Paris is expert at having hideaway restaurants and shops behind doors secretly housed in beautiful courtyards.
My ref is a photo found on Google from a Pinterest collection. No name given, but I promise to not mass reproduce for sale and profit!

Ah, MaggyC, thanks so much for the heart!
Thank you, too, for the hearts!
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