Entry for the Valentine's Day competition, not a card for anyone in particular.

I'm going to make the little dragon in this an OC owo

Time spent: 3 hours 30 mins
(it didn't feel that long but wow)

Edit: I just got a notification that I placed second?? Oh my gosH thanks all those for voting for this above many other, far better sketches, I'm really flattered! <3

Edit 2: wow, I really wasn't expecting this to get as much attention as it did, I wasn't expecting to place top 3 for sure, getting featured and 10 hearts as well?? Wow all of you are so amazing thank you! <3

Thanks for the hearts!
<3 anonymous_tundra
<3 Anonymous
<3 Starlørd
<3 Twinee1
<3 Loonatic
<3 Quelonzia
<3 Crow
<3 Anonymous
<3 Linda S
<3 Paco
<3 FalconBlade

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