Yes, another portrait😁 It's my birthday gift for my dear friend Isaia . He's not been very active lately, but he was one of my favorite fantasy artists here. It was a challenge for me to draw him because he hates sweet, happy, smiley photos. He's got that expressive face in the reference that I picked and found it very interesting to draw, but I thought it wasn't enough and I was afraid he would tell me it was boring! So I kinda improvised and added the cigarette and gave him a more anxious look. Well it kinda worked a bit, unless he wants me to put some evil horns or something like that! Lol In the end, I was happy with it. You can never go wrong with drawing the people that matter to you, because it matters to them, which is the most important. Anyway thank you Isaia for this and for keeping our friendship all these years. Happy Birthday again!😘 And thanks everyone for taking a look. Hoping to do some variety in my next drawings. Have a lovely night/day!😊❤️

Looks like I'm going to pass my very low number of drawings last year, and it's only the second month. It feels great to be drawing! *Feeling accomplished😍

I've always wanted a challenge to draw fellow SC members so I will make this an invite.

Draw Your Favorite SC People

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