Laughter is the best medicine, so, since I've been asked to choose the next challenge for the Portrait Group, let's see who tickles your funny bone. Let's draw "Funny Ladies". Show us which of the fairer sex sets you to giggling. From Mae West to Amy Poehler, who is your favorite?

I have always loved Lucy! I can still watch those old black and white episodes and split a gut.
For this challenge, references, of course, are acceptable. Be sure to give proper credit to photographers and or artists if applicable.
Must be a new sketch for this challenge,
Color or grayscale,
One entry per artist,
Drawn completely in Sketch Club,
And above all, Have Fun!
Now get drawing!

Aw Reggie­čî╣, thank you so much for the

The publicity photo used for reproduction is included as a wip.

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