The park is located just south of Duluth Minnesota. We visited last year and I took several reference photos of the swinging pedestrian bridge. The St. Louis River is not as serene as depicted nor are the surrounding hills as grand as shown, but it makes a lovely sketch.
Thank you MaggyC for featuring this sketch. SC would be a much lesser place without your presence.
To the viewers: Thanks for your thumbs up and for your kind comments. Special thanks to the following heart givers: MaggyC, Mark, Koban, Bailey 335, rimuru, Shirlart Ihmyours, Sheridan Cain, Marisa F, S2dFc, Coolhand Lucien, PACO, wind dancer, Twinee1, Charmyos, Linda S, Screaming Mimi, StingRey, Gaile Hughes, and Irish Patsy.
For a guy of 100% Norwegian heritage, I got pretty excited yesterday.

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