Try out the new emoticon

I was talking to some people and they think it should be a compo so:

compo rules
no image uploads (its hard to do)
has to be 500 (more or less) X 80 (more or less)

create then animate it
then upload the video or make it a gif with:

(have to ask BP first) top 5 winners get their sketches added as an emote. (sorry bp not my idea so done be mad at me lol)

and also Thank you so much for adding my emote to sketch club

thank you for the<3 Gorillaz-Lover

Oh My glops my first feature thank you so much

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28,530 glops
Created with an iPad 2
Uploaded 2016-03-26 02:07:11.564430
Tagged emoticon, invite, ipad
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