I have walked about and looked at many pictures of my favorite big city streets marveling at how there is a unique community with all the vendors you need combined in one city block. Every avenue may have a different atmosphere but one thing they all have in common is the "refreshment" stop on nearly every corner! This storefront is based on my photos of movie scenes playing on my TV at the time, Artists and Models, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and released in the mid fifties. Although revised a little, my two main references are shown below as WIPs.

I drew this specifically for the new ArchID challenge, Storefront Windows. Read the details below and join in the fun of drawing a storefront!


For the ArchID Group Challenge, Storefront Window

For this challenge, you have to draw any kind of Storefront window

- Original concept, mixed references
If you use a photo reference, don't copy it exactly but make it stylish;
- as for example, make it like two tone color, or sketchy, or water color style
- Or realistic but pencil,
- Or black and white,
- Or hatch style.
- And don't copy any other artist work, your sketch will not be eligible

- Has to be a new sketch for this challenge
- No image load
- One entry per Artist
- A feature and a star for the winning entry
- A feature for the 2nd place
- A star for the 3rd place
- End April 24th, 2016 _ 1 PM eastern time
- Not eligible for the challenge

Please join the ArchID Group:
And post your entries in the following thread: http://app.sketchclub.com/forum/group-architectural-and-interior-spaces/4597967832481792

Thank you so much for the hearts!
Fire Dove

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