So lately someone has been picking on me in my stream over a joke, it is stupid, I know, but I managed to get over that by drawing this!

Here is my first try on a realistic Xenomorph. I think this is my BEST art I have done, and to be honest, I am crying!
I never thought trying realism was a good turn for me.

So, I hope you like it as much as I do!
Funny thing is is that it took not a lot of time to accomplish this!
Ignore the chains by the way, I just gave up on em lol.

Thanks if you like/heart!

Ref used.

Thanks for the hearts!
Snow Prince
GØNE (For now.)

Thank you so much for the feature!
When DonutWarrior told me the news I thought she was joking since it is near April Fools day, but she was not! I am very thankful for this, for it has been around a year since I was last featured! Thank you for choosing this to feature! <3

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