I went to Disney World on Friday, and he asked me what my name is, and I said "Kat". He turned to my mom (very confused), and said, "That's not a human I'm talking to?!" He turned back to me, and said, "But you don't have those pointy ears or a tail like a cat has.. There's one way to find out." He held his hand in front of my face, and I just stood there. He pulled his hand back down and said, "Cats hiss at me when I do that, but you didn't. You're not a cat." He was really funny and nice, and I had to draw it!

Reference photos for Peter Pan were from Google Images, and I used the picture of me for this drawing.

DC Ð@ηїℯℓ ¢◎η☂ґα℘тї☺

Edit: okay why tf did I give this sketch a heart a year ago??

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