I took several screenshots during a documentary called "A Girl in the River". This was on tv about three weeks ago and I was so moved by the incredible courage and will to survive of this woman~

Before becoming 15, she was promised in marriage and built a relationship with the young man to whom she was promised for the next 4 years. However, upon her turning 19, her uncle decided the boy's family wasn't well off enough and that Saba should marry his brother in law. Saba was heartbroken, and with her promised young mans family's help, she ran away to his home and they were married. The next day, her father and uncle arrived and promising by swearing on the Koran, swore no harm would come to her, but to come home and she would be married properly to the young man. Fearing no harm because of the promise, she left with them. She never made it home. Her uncle and father instead took her to a river bank. There they beat her bloody and took out a handgun and shot her. Saba had tilted her head slightly and the bullet only grazed the side of her face. She collapsed on the ground and they stuffed her into a grain sack with rocks and threw her into the river.

Somehow, this amazing girl pulled herself from the bag and through the thick reeds made it to the river bank, walked to a nearby gas station and asked for help.

The act committed against her was an attempt at an "Honor Killling" and in her country ~ these acts go un-punished.

Just a quick note~ I was testing out the buildings brush but it wasn't the right style for this sketch and I did the entire sketch and all those buildings myself~ 😜

Please check out all the details~ I spent way too long on this I guess lol oops ~ ☺️

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