Drawn for the challenge in the landscape group. Drawn in the style of Alida Akers but not a direct copy, many changes of my own have been made.

A Huge Thank You to The Landscapes Group for honoring my sketch with a beautiful and shining . I am surprised and so happy you like this sketch!!!!!


your gift of a beautiful is so special to me!!!

Reggie ❣
Paco ❣
Linda S ❣
Tim S. ❣
Ihmyours ❣
Sheridan Cain ❣
Gr82no ❣
🌺Tori ❣
Char ❣

Thanks to everyone that has dropped by with a nice comment and/or a πŸ‘πŸ». I always appreciate your feedback!!! 🌹

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Created with an iPad Air 2
Uploaded 2016-04-13 05:17:40.526340
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