All uploads are StingRey s sketches. I added the dolphin.
This was a blast!

"Dr. Finklestein"often visits his "wet" home the "Atlantis Submarine". He is often mistaken for a dead porpoise, and is attacked my the underwater bugs "Sketchy Mites". They have begun nesting and hatching on him.
He is often visited by the local dolphins checking to see if he is one of their missing relatives. He has become an underwater attraction for them.

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Here are the links to Stingreys original sketches
Dr Finklestein
Atlantis Submarine and
Sketchy Mites.
Thanks Stingrey for allowing me to steal from you. So much fun!
Thanks so much for the heart, OregonHere!, StingRey, Paco!! 😘❤️

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