yeeeah i realized that my oc list was getting long fast and at the moment its about 50% of my about me soO im moving all of them to this handy dandy sketch starring leon c;

in alphabetical order
(shippable: O already shipped: X)

O aki:
O astor:
X carnelian:
O dareios/dare:
O ECHO/hibiki:
O ikaros/ike:
X jadeite:
O kane:
O kit:
O kyo:
X leon:
O mystic topaz:
X nero:
X ollie:
X raiden:
O scout: and
X spinel:


template i use/made:

msg me or comment on the corresponding sketch if you wanna ship your oc with one of my dorks!

last updated: April 1, 2018

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