This was sketched using a reference photo by Karen Lund from Florida Landscapes, a website that publishes beautiful photographs of Florida. I wrote to Karen, and asked for permission to sketch this...I thought it was just so beautiful!! She gave her permission gladly, and can't wait to see my sketch of it.
Reference- Karen Lund
This is the first sky I've done that I was actually proud of.

Wow!! Thanks so much everybody!! A very special thanks to Linda S, Bailey336, Char, MaggyC, grommen56 Marisa F, onoeerweego, Shirlart, Krisse vans, Twinee1, Paco, Sheila, Fire Dove! 😘❀️ πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

Wow!! Thanks so much to Char for using her hard earned star on this sketch! I'm over the moon over it! I do like this sketch, and am so excited to see it featured! So excited to be featured by such a talented SC member! 🌟😘
Thanks everyone for sweet comments, and a special thanks to Hawaiian Misty (Pam, Wendy, Lindab, Lucs , Marcia Wegmann, Kelly M, Charmayos, Irish Patsy, DesertRose, Zomaar, Sheridan Cain, Cat, Joy, Reggie, 🎨 Pantalla 64, Obilio, OregonHere, LOLA 🌬, and Zippi, and 🌺Tori

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