What can I say about this child... My partner and I practically raised her the first 2 years, she was with us so much most thought she was ours! I don't get to see her much now and I miss her so much! "10 Kisses!" is what she always says when we say goodbye and then adds more... (My favorite part!) 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
I don't think I did her justice and if I keep on I will make it worse, so, I love her to the moon and back and 3 times on Sunday who "Is my sunshine 🌞🎼..."
Thank you, MaggyC for your most precious <3! 🌞
Thank you, Shirlart for your loving <3! 🌞
Thank you, Bailey336 for your BIG <3! 🌞
Thank you, Paco for your amazing <3! 🌞
Thank you, DesertRose for the beautiful <3! 🌞
Thank you, Orville for your generous <3! 🌞
Thank you, Sheridan Cain for your special <3! 🌞
Thank you, Sheila for surprising me with a <3! 🌞
Thank you, Savvy for blessing me with your <3! 🌞
Thank you, Joy for honoring me with your <3! 🌞
Thank you, Linda S for your perfect <3! 🌞
Thank you, Neocapt for the "new friend" <3!! 🌞
Thank you, Wendy for your gracious <3! 🌞
Thank you, wind dancer for your lovely <3! 🌞
Thank you, Hawaiian Misty (Pam for an unexpected <3! 🌞

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