google ref photo .. was thrilled to see three of these in the tree beside the porch eating berries ..

thanks to a new friend jewels for the heart!!❤️
big thanks to the talented and friend screaming mimi for the heart!!❤️
sweet bailey! thank you for the heart!❤️
thank you sweet krisse for the heart and support!❤️
a great big thank you for the sweet supportive fleur!❣
thank you my Mainegal for the heart! ❤️
sweet twinee!! thank you for the heart!! ❤️
and linda s!! thanks for the support and the heart!❤️
from the most talented joy!! a heart!! thank you!❤️
aww a heart fro the very supportive paco!! thank you! ❤️
thank you pam for sharing a heart! ❤️
thank you Adriane🍀 for the gift!❤
and to i love art! thank you!! ❤

what a inspiring surprise to get a feature from Lumpybits!! thank you so very much! im humbled and honored!! thank you!!!!

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