⭕️Avlums are a closed species created by Stripe. You are not allowed to make your own unless you have a MYO slot⭕️

Avlums are 4 legged creatures with big front paws, small back hooves, and big chubby bellies. Avlums come in two variations, Normal and Royal. Listed below is some info about the two varieties


Owning a normal Avlums: Avlums are a somewhat social species and are common animal companions. Most Calm in temperament and considered "lazy" because of their constant lounging on couches, beds, and bubble rap (don't ask why) these guys make great pets. Avlums Can be pricey when bought from a highly known breeder, but normally go for a moderate rate. Normals normally grow to the hight of a big dog, and for some strange reason, like to snuggle next to people when hot

Diet: Avlums are omnivores, but prefer raw or cooked fish. When food is scarce, they will resort to eating plants.

Goo and glass: using the 2 small storage pouches on their neck Avlums produce a thick, goo like substance from their mouth. Using this goo Avlums make glass orbs filled with excess goo that they have produced. With each orb they make, it uses up all of their reserve of goo and it is depleted. It takes about a week for a Avlums goo to replenish again. When a orb is broken, a sweet smelling vapor will be released. A house holds Avlum's orbs are commonly used as air fresheners. Normal orbs are bigger than Royal orbs. (Normal orbs are about the size of a cantaloupe, wile Royal orbs are about the size of an apple. Goo can be any color. Must be gradient)

Pouches: The 2 pouches located on the sides and back of a Avlums neck are used for making and storing glass goo. When the pouches are full, the skin of the sacks will be stretched to its limit. At this time, Avlums will be very protective of their pouches, preferring to be left alone. Pouch color can lighten and darken depending on the Avlum's mood. (Pouches always the color of the Avlum's glass goo. Has gradient)

Eyes: Avlums have 3 eye lids. 1 top and 1 bottom lid with one membrane one that slides across the eye when needing to protect it. They also have a lid duct for their 3rd eye lid. The Sclera is a dark gray, the iris is always white, and the pupil is always the color of the Avlum's glass goo. (No gradient)

Horns: normal Avlums only have 2 small bumps for their horns. They might be a tiny bit longer, but no more. It is thought that their horns are left over from when they were primitive. (Horns always color of goo. Has gradient)

Ears: long, dragon like ears are normal for Avlums. They help with hearing long distances. Only normal Avlums have ribbed ears. (Must be color of goo, has gradient)

Mouth: normal Avlums have small mouthes. Only having small flat teeth for grinding and 4 small K9s. The Tongue is always the color of the goo with no gradient. Teath are a lighter shade of goo color with no gradient. when the mouth is open or the Avlum's tongue is stuck out, goo is produced in the mouth as well as pouches.

Markings and skin: Avlums may have any marking or color. Males tend to be a little brighter, but it depends on the individual. Avlums have smooth skin with very short soft hair covering the body

Legs: The front paws of the Avlums are large with hard claw like fingers. They do have thumbs, but can't do complicated work with them. A single paw pad is located on the bottom of the "hand". The back legs are long and skinny with small hooves at the ends. The hooves are much like a horses with their structure. Claws and hooves are the color of the goo. No gradient

Tail: Normally Avlums have long tapered tails with a hair "poof" at the end. Hair is always the color of the goo without gradient


Owning a Royal Avlums: Royals are considered to dangerous for common pets. Only wealthy people can afford to own these creatures and house them properly.

Behavior: Royals are very aggressive and territorial. In the wild, Royals will often eat normal Avlums. Standing around 6+ ft high, they use their weight to their advantage in fights.

Diet: Royals only eat meat. With their sharp teeth, they are unable to eat plants

Goo and glass: Royals only make small, palm sized orbs. This is because their body mass is bigger, and sense Avlum's goo takes a big part in the circulatory system, only a small amount of goo can be used to create orbs. If an orb is broken, a toxic vapor will release. This Vapor is toxic to most living things except for Avlums themselves.

Pouches: Royals have 2 big Pouches that rap around the neck and 1 small pouch sitting slightly above the shoulders. The 2 big pouches are used to produce goo for the Avlum's circulatory system, wile the small pouch is used to create orbs. The pouches can be inflated to make the Royal look bigger.

Eyes: A Royal's eye is much like a normal's. Royal eyes are bigger, with longer lid ducts. The Sclera is a dark gray with 2 white lines in each corner. the iris is always white, and the pupil is always the color of the Avlum's glass goo. (No gradient)

Horns: Royals have long, pointed horns. These horns can be strait, curved, pronged, branched, and all of the above.
Male Royals will often compete in head butting for dominance. When a horn is broken, the pair will be shed and re-grown

Ears: Royals have ears much like normals. Their ears are larger and not ribbed

Mouth: Royals always have at least 1 tusk jutting from their mouth. These tusks are used for defense or catching pray. Royals have sharp teeth for ripping flesh. They have a long, split tongue

Markings and skin: Royals can have any color or marking. Their skin is like a normal's skin

Legs: Big front legs and Skinny back legs. The front legs only have 3 claws, wile the back legs have cloven hooves. Small dew toes are located on the back legs. Scientists still don't know why they have these

Tail: a Royal's tail is much longer than a normal's but still have a "poof" of fluff on the end

(If people like this species enough, I will definitely make a group for them. I am planning on making them my main species)

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