Creepy toes!

Or... A worm's day out!

Took forevvvver! Had to give up.. This is as good as it gets with me! Oh to be an artist!! Sigh!!
Gave the worm some teeth!😁 Now he has a reason to smile!
And a beret! 😊
I've been on this toooo long!

Wow! 20th in the comp is not bad ! Nice surprise!
Thank you to those who voted xx😘

Thank you so much Rontant for the kind heart!💝❤️
Thank you Colleen for your warm fuzzy heart! It is greatly appreciated ! 💝❤️
Thankyou Fire Dove for you kind heart.. Greatly appreciated! 💝❤️
Thank you for your precious heart Hawaiian Misty (Pam 😘💝
and thank you P&AToo™ also for your kind heart! ❤️😘

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