Omg these are so cute! Once I finished the first once I could not resist to do more. So here, have some random adopts!

(OTA) 6-Eyed Demon Wolf:
-He is a male but I did not choose orientation.
-Wings and horns never really lighten.
-The wings float.
-You can change the wings, add stuff, etc.

(DTA) Dino Hood and Sockiez:
-You can choose the gender and orientation.
-He/She wears dino socks and a dino hoodie.
-Very floofy and cute.
-You can add stuff.

(OTA) King Flufferz:
-He is a male but I did not choose orientation.
-Floof lord.
-Crown can float or be on head.

(DTA) Sharkie Wolf:
-Any gender and any orientation.
-Shark fins and tail.
-Nom nom.
-Can swim really well.

Note for OTAs:
I don't accept feature stars, fans, or likes but I accept everything else.

Go for them! :0

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