Meh, I was just practicing. I think I got better at shading though.
This took a while so I hope you like it!

Here is a short story to go with this:
The young Predator grabbed his staff and pointed it towards the horde of Xenomorphs before him. The sun was setting and the air was humid. The Predator slashed through many as he ran down the side of the Temple with his trusty staff, slaying and dodging their powerful tails. The young Predator stopped as he reached the end of the sandy descent and grabbed the closest Xenomorph near him and punctured his staff through its head, ripping it off. He took a moment and cherished his kill with dignity, as it was his very first trophy.

The species, Predators and Xenomorphs, do not belong to me.
I used a ref for the predator hand and staff, but not the Xenomorph head.

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