Sooooo I was flipping through my gallery the other day (It was painful to look at. I'm warning you; don't go back there.) and I came across a headshot of my OC Brooke and so I decided to redraw it. I'm not sure where this sudden urge to draw came from, but I hope it lasts =20

I honestly think that my style for drawing wolves looks way better now, and I played around lots on my trip with shading and effects and stuff and I love how it came out. So now I have a new style of shading and effects, too, which is kindof nice since before I didn't know how to shade. Anyway I have a question for all of you- When you see my art I your uploads feed or wherever, is my style recognizable? Do you know when it's my art? I'm just curious because I worry (oh Emily, you're worried about something? Wow, that's new!) that my style looks too much like other people's. Idk who's I just worry
I actually lost my progress on this about 3 times, because my iPad kept dying and losing my progress. So EVEN MORE practice with my new shading and stuff !

But anyway I'm really proud of this. I love it TBH which is really unlike me since when do I actually like my art I'm pleased with my wolf because I think it actually looks ok and I've discovered that if my lineart is done in something like sketchy or brush it suits my style more (in my opinion) and just generally looks better. And I didn't use any refs except for a personal photo for the BG

I'll include the old drawing as a WIP

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