Here are sabor tooth coffee dragons also known as STCD's The idea was made when I was redesigning mocha and someone told me to add sharp teeth then this happened =20

Some info~
-There body tempature can rise to extremely hot tempatures (if A type of hot coffee) or extremely cold tempatures (if a cold type of coffee)
- They can spit the type of coffee they're based off out of there mouth
- Frappachinos and cold coffee themed ones are more rare
- there paws, tip of tail, and inside of ears are fluffy the rest are claws and scales etc.,
- They can change body tempature at will depending on what coffee theme they are so if they are a cold coffee theme they can change body tempature to very very cold or normal tempature, if it's a hot coffee type they can change they're body tempature very very hot or normal tempature
- Theese are a closed species (may or may not change in future)
-they live in all environments except water lmao
- they are usually calm nice creatures but can be mean/evil=20
- They always have a somewhat unique pattern no 2 are the same
- They have sabor tooth front teeth and Retractible claws on paws

So Ye I hope you life these guys!!~

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